Project Consideration Form

The Logan County Water Conservancy District (LCWCD) is developing a Master Plan that will establish the future projects that the LCWCD could participate in as a stakeholder, potentially providing some financial assistance to complete the project.  The Master Plan will be submitted to the Logan County District Court for review and approval.  The LCWCD is currently soliciting ideas for projects that can be included in the Master Plan that are consistent with the LCWCD mission.

The official date to submit projects for consideration has past, but it is still possible to return the project consideration form (link provided below) to the LCWCD to be evaluated and reviewed as the Master Plan is finalized.

LCWCD Mission Statement: The Logan County Water Conservancy District exists to protect the citizens and property of Logan County from flooding and to promote the responsible development of conservation and recreational activities within the District’s boundaries.  We accomplish this through planning, prevention, maintenance, and mitigation projects in concert with our community partners. 

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge.  If additional space is needed, please attach additional pages.  If you do not know the answers to some of the questions below, just indicate “unknown”.

Technical assistance is available by request.